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Re: What is Theosophy (was: Maureen to Bart)

Dec 06, 1999 05:41 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Maureen T Fitzgerald wrote:
> > When you wrote that Theosophy
> > is an attempt to discover the basic principles behind science, religion, and
> > philosophy, is that a tie-in to the principle of Karma?
>      Other way around.
> Hi Bart,
> I have bookmarked the earthlink site you recommended.
> Are you saying that Karma is ONE OF the basic principles behind science,
> religion and philosphy?

	No; I am saying that karma is an offshoot of the principles, just as
science, religion and philosophy is.

> Also, over the weekend I was listening to an interview of a science writer (Rick
> Weiss) for The Washington Post.  One of the things he discussed was gene
> therapy, and the work scientists are doing now on altering chromosomes.
> Although he stressed that the purpose for this was to eliminate disease, as well
> as discovering and eliminating genes that cause aging, he did go so far as to
> say there also existed the potential to use this research to alter behavior.  In
> other words, altering
> chromosomes to make one's behavior more socially acceptable.  He also said that
> researchers were very much interested in focusing their studies on fetuses  less
> than 14 days old.  How does one balance scientific "progress" with individual
> personal belief (and destiny?)

	While scientists have connected certain chromosones with statistical
tendencies, they have yet to link any specific chromosone with any
specific behavior. Also, we don't know what makes a person incarnate in
a body, although Theosophical writings at least imply that the etheric
body helps shape the physical body (including the chromosones).

	Bart Lidofsky

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