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Re: theos-l digest: December 01, 1999

Dec 01, 1999 09:31 PM
by kymsmith

Grigor wrote:

>Now that she has admitted to being a 35 year old
>it might safely be said she has displayed more maturity problems than the
>year old undergraduates who get their Bachelors in the normal time.

The reason I have not gotten a degree in what you consider "normal time" is
because this is the first time in my life where I am not confined by having
to care for a dying loved one.  Death, after much malicious game playing,
liberated me five years ago.

I do not say this to justify to YOU why I am finally able to secure what I
have always desired in life - but to let you know, Grigor, that just
because someone is 35 (or younger, older) and still pursuing a degree (or
anything else) does NOT mean it was necessarily due to a personal

You have obviously been very fortunate in life to have had the time to
obtain five degress - some of us have been required to spend time
elsewhere.  Do not judge another's progression merely by appearances or
comparisons to your own circumstances.

"Normal time" has no meaning in many places in this world and in many lives.

The Cow

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