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Re: theos-l digest: November 29, 1999/Kym

Dec 01, 1999 03:56 PM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 12/1/99 6:41:22 AM Central Standard Time,

> Thus speaks the superficial conscience, still smarting because Grigor,
>  striking a bit too close to home, had the gall to lecture *her* about
>  cultural blindness, and even suggest that her notions of what is correct
>  in male-female relations might not only not be universal, but might only
>  be one of many equally ethically acceptable models. -JRC


I try not to get in mud fights. They discredit both parties.  And is worse
to be in middle of one.  But I sense this is degenerating into a mean-spirited
mess contrary to the values of Theosophy by any stripe, flavour, or color.
I have gotten steely barbs from Kym but I have thick skin and she short
barbs.  Sometimes what she says I find highly intelligent.  Randy is another
story.  I said to
Randy but not to Kym that I will ignore his posts.  Kym has her problems
with maturity.  Now that she has admitted to being a 35 year old
it might safely be said she has displayed more maturity problems than the
year old undergraduates who get their Bachelors in the normal time.  But I
some of her posts.  The ones with venom I just delete.  Her opinion is worth
to give initial attention to.  It is not enough to get worked up over.  JR,
please don't
sink to her worse level.  You are from Texas.  Beef!  Think of her as cow
with coulick (SP?).  On one hand she is worth paying attention to (at her
best): on other hand, not worth getting into big bother about (at her worst).

Visiting friends in San Francisco for your Thanksgiving I learned nice word
that I advise you with now with warmest regards: chill.  She is either
problematic person struggling to be better (who isn't?) or she is problematic
person who will amount to nothing or less.  Either way, she shows potential
and in either case, whether she showed potential or not, its not worth your
while.  Its bad karma all around, negativity, is.  Let's keep list civil.  I
have seen too much uncivilty - barbarity -
in my life.

Your Friend,


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