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Eclectic and Spiritual

Oct 26, 1999 05:32 PM
by ambain

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> From: Gerald Schueler <>
> Date: Tuesday, October 26, 1999 2:47 PM
> Subject: Re Karma vs Paranirvana

> >>Further down the scale we *can* verify quite a lot from personal
> experience (eventually) but there is a cut-off point beyond which our
> tiny minds cannot go.  For this reason, I like to use that part of the
> kabbalist model which can be demonstrated to work as advertised (once
> can get behind the jargon to the facts).>> (Wrote Alan)
> Exactly.  This is why I like my version of the Theosophy model.
> I also like the Enochian Model, but I have never felt comfortable
> with the Qabalistic Model so I don't use it. I tend to be eclectic.

Interesting.  There is a difference of convention among most latter-day
students between Qabalistic and Kabbalistic.  The Q people are usually
Golden Dawn and "magic(k)ally" based, with a fondness for much ritual
etc., while the K people are not keen on this aspect, and are, in the
main - apart from the strictly Jewish 'Hasidim - eclectic, with more
emphasis on the spiritual path.  Have you had a serious look at my own
"Keys to Kabbalah" ?  Although it incorporates many aspects found in the
GD model, its approach is a kind of practical theosophy, especially in
Part Two, which uses the Tarot as a basis for its presentation.  It also
corrects serious deficiencies found in the earlier GD models of Mathers
and Co.

On the spiritual side, it shows where "Jacob's Ladder" connects with the
Christian Church and (possibly) The 33 degrees of  Masonic usage.  Also,
it is FREE for download from

For those who have it already, I have available for the asking a zip
file of Cathedral and Abbey Church diagrams showing how the correlation
is to be found in living stone upon British foundations.  It is probably
true for European ones as well, but I ran out of research materials.


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