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Collective Karma as Creator/Dzogchen

Oct 23, 1999 01:18 PM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 10/21/99 6:56:55 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> There are two seemingly large differences
>  between this Buddhist view and that given
>  by Blavatsky in her SD. One is that she
>  has a hierarchy of creator-gods, and the
>  second is her idea that karma is universal
>  and somehow transcends mind.
>  My own personal take on this is to see her
>  Manus and Cosmocrators and so on as
>  personifications of collective karmic
>  forces,

Except, in the parts of Dzog chen that I will
be posting shortly on (as soon as I find the
stuff I need since the questions asked go
beyond what I can answer on just memory)
that may be the location within the Kanjur
for where the Stanzas of Dyzan may be
derived (I don't think it is a book but
a synopsis of several Kanjur texts that
Central Asian and Bon groups have
collated), some Buddhas create
Buddha-fields, and so, not all
karmic manifestation is a fall -
and is not such in Dzog chen.


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