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Randy to Grigor/sacrifice

Oct 23, 1999 11:51 AM
by WLR7D

The notion of sacrifice as an explanation of biological balances seems rather
superimposed.  I would like to read Besant, but the reason life is destroyed
in order to create life is because that is how we are designed genetically.
There are elements within living cells that create the food to sustain other
living cells that eat them.  We are not photosynthetic, breatharian or
nuclear fueled.

Some would also argue that the cerebral development in humans is a direct
result of the cunning required to pursue prey.  A cow is as smart as it has
to be to consume the food which is always underfoot.  A human, without claw,
fang, speed or strength, needs brains.  In other words, if we weren't
carnivores(at least historically), we wouldn't be as sharp as we are.

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