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Re: carnivorism question

Oct 22, 1999 05:37 AM
by WLR7D

Thank you Dallas

Why would questions make you so testy?  JUust because I am asking questions
does not mean I am a total ignoramous.

I am familiar with the sciences you mention.  Further study would not give me
the answers I seek or I would not be doing this.  An understanding of
"cycles" for example does not answer the moral/ethical questions raised by
carnivorism, i.e., if all this is the result of a loving omnipotent  force,
or if we as spirit creatures had a part in the creation, or if the lesson of
life is love and oneness, where does carnivorism or having to kill plants to
survive fit in?

I have no position I am trying to win anyone to other than the open pursuit
of truth.  Isn't that what theosophy is about?

It is not of interest to me to step into the middle of a belief system.  That
is why I am asking for the fundamentals.  They are not answered by mere
reference to tenets, doctrine or preconceived ethic.

All can be challenged.  If believe holding beliefs which cannot logically or
experientially be proven to another is nothing more than blind religious
faith--the cause of more human misery and misdirection than any other thought

I still hope for some direct ansers to the questions I have raised.  Perhaps
there is someone out there who understands my quest and would be kind enough
to show me how theosophy (or whatever) can help.


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