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re: Response to Kym

Oct 18, 1999 02:25 AM
by hesse600

Kym wrote:
> >> Labeling those who
> vent their disagreement with others as "children" is an example of someone
> believing that because others do not agree or approach life in the same way
> are somehow less mature than themselves.>>
Jerry wrote:
> Not at all. I have never said such a thing to Dan, for example,
> who always forms his criticisms in an adult manner. No, its the
> emotional undertones and choice of wording that reveals immaturity,
> and I am sorry if this seems to come out like I am bashing
> anyone, but I don't know any other way to do this on an impersonal
> list like this (you can't see if I'm smiling, or my body movements
> while you read my words, etc).  I do not really mean to imply
> that Frank is immature, but rather than his choice of words
> used against Conger reveals an inner immaturity due to strong
> emotional currents overriding the cognitive processes that probably
> function just fine on other subjects (when a person gets fixated
> on a topic that topic becomes an obsession fueled by any strong
> emotion such as hatred -- which is always rationalized away
> by the belief that one is acting "rightly" such as having God on
> their side, or taking up for an underdog, etc etc).
Are you not a bit unkind here? Frank's English is clearly
not so good, so why put salt on every snail here? (Dutch
proverb) It does seem to me that you are fighting so hard
against any negative feeling, that that fighting itself
seems to come from some frustration of your own.
> I can't really explain psychology here, but those on this list
> who understand even a little of how the human mind works will
> follow what I am saying here.
Yes I do, but it would be a pleasant surprise to have some
serious psychology explained here, instead of people
telling each other how to be more *brotherly*, which
discussion in this case is clearly (as far as I am
concerned) not going anywhere.
> But I still have to try to tell the other side, which is
> that Conger and Long and Knoche never lied about anything and
> that Frank is plain wrong. This is hard to do without sounding
> personal and emotional myself, but I am trying...
I would say you are not succeeding in that.

> I agree with you here, and I have to admit that I am having a great
> deal of fun with Frank on this.
Ah, is that it!

NHL Leeuwarden

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