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Re: theos-l digest: October 11, 1999

Oct 13, 1999 08:11 AM
by mika perala

Katinka wrote:

> Mika wrote:
> > Is there buddhists that do NOT believe that humans may reborn as
> > animals??

> HPB was a Buddhist and she believed that it is very rare
> for humans to be reborn as animals.

But HPB was not a 'normal' buddhist.

Sangharakshita says in 'The Three Jewels' that what incarnates is
not a human ego but a 'constantly changing flow of psychic energy'
and if this flow is made of lifetime long thoughts mainly of sex and
food then this psychic energy is connected to animals
consciousness (or not-yet-born animals) when reincarnation is at

I have thought this is the general view among buddhists and that
theosophists just have their own interpretation which is not
originated from buddhist texts.

mika perala

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