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Conger was Lily White as Snow

Oct 12, 1999 06:21 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>I gave one or two examples, one of them was the
recent ill-famed and ugly Alan Donant article about Colonel Conger, where
Donant tries to whitewash the black magic actions from Colonel Conger
against the old chelas (draw back their membership cards, kick them out),
which could never be, under no circumstances, I am sure, be considered as
reasonable in any way for anyone from the white side.>>

Dear Frank, although I am doubtless wasting my time trying
to be reasonable with you, I will give it just one shot.

The bullshit that you are throwing around in the above
paragraph exists all in your own mind. White and dark, good
and evil exist only in the human mind, not in the world
(This comes from the MLs, Frank, so flaming on this
idea will just show more ignorance).

You are obviously new to the spiritual path, and the whole
idea of good and evil has you terrified. But anything Conger
did was actually white as snow. He acted out of compassion,
for those who wanted to learn.  Lets face it, Frank, if all
of a sudden I was promoted to Leader of this list with the
objective of actually trying to teach something, one of the
first things that I would do is expel all of those irritating
trouble-makers like yourself in order to leave a more calming
and accepting atmosphere. Please think about this.  What
Conger did has been done in all Schools throughout history.
The trouble-makers get expelled in order to reduce stress.
What Conger did was perfectly within his rights, and it did,
in fact, leave a smaller but more dedicated body of people.
Your throwing names around, calling him a Black
Magician and such, is childish and shows your ignorance.
Fortuneately for you, there is lots of time for you to grow. Also,
fortuneately for you, I can't kick trouble-makers off this list.
BTW, I agree 100% with Donant's little book on Conger and
from my viewpoint you are causing more strife within the TS
ranks than Conger ever did (but then again, I know that this
is just my opinion and don't confuse opinion with history
like you do).

Have a nice day.

Jerry S.

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