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Re: Sapce

Oct 12, 1999 06:32 AM
by Gerald Schueler

Yes, you certainly do (lose me I mean) what on earthe is a
tri-group? >>

A triad or three-in-one.

>>And how are we going to think anything about infinity, if
not by using our imaginations? >>

We generally like to think that space goes on and on forever
without any end, much like whole numbers.  I certainly thought
so. Until I have some spiritual experiences from meditation.
Out-of-body meditational experiences have left me with the
impression that time and space cease altogether at high
spiritual levels rather than going on forever.

>>Loses meaning for you and physics, clearly not for me.

If you stop and think about this, I suspect that you will
see my point. Subjective self and objective world are two
sides of a duality and always go together. They are
inconceivable by themselves, just like up and down only
have meaning in their relationship together.

Jerry S.

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