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Re: Theos-World TS organizations today

Oct 12, 1999 10:10 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> > What a luck we have the internet. I have learned here more in weeks
> > Theosophy and HPB than in years before, esp. the boring magazines of
> I agree, the theosophist is usually not even near the level
> of my newspaper, which is again far less interesting than
> the Collected Writings is to me.
> Katinka

Nice to hear, Katinka. I think it's the only way for us to go up on the
path: Think for ourselves, no blind beliefs in persons and doctrines, there
more if they come
under the flag of "humanity" and other sweet words.
The Dugpas inside and outside of the Theosophical Movement try always to
catch the innocents with sweet
fashioned and gently sounded things.
The Adepts of the Dark Brothers can quote as good from holy scriptures as
the White ones.
The difference is very very little.
And that difference is always the *motive*.
Unless a student has developed from his innermost the power for
discrimination he/she/it is in danger to follow the
false leader.
Keep on to study the BCW and the other primary sources and you are on the
save side.
You (speaking generally) will soon be able to judge things quite sure from
your own insights above brain minded discourses.
The Black Magicians don't want people to read the unaltered books. They try
to get power in the TS to be able to change them.
That has happened under Besant and Leadbeater as well as under Conger, Long
and Knoche.
Thanks to the internet the seekers for truth have now a powerful tool in
their hands to prevent remote controls of their minds.
The Adyar TS and the Pasadena TS will and must change their policy radically
back to the Original Programme of the Masters.
Otherwise it is better to CLOSE them.
The Dalai Lama just suggested to close world wide all religious movements.
HPB suggested the same.
If organizations which should be helpful and good are turning into the
opposite, them there is no more need for them.

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