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Re: Hoo-Radha!

Nov 01, 1999 08:42 PM
by JRC

> > No. My statement is significant because she has the power to
> > unilaterally dissolve any national section, or any section of the ES.
> >
> > Bart Lidofsky
> >
> Think you could talk her into dissolving ALL of them?
> [Chuckles naughtily]
> Alan

Not to worry ... they're dissolving just fine all on their own (-:).
(SSHHHH! Don't tell anyone! Everything's going according to plan!) Myself
and a few close friends decided to use our powers (as usual, only for the
good) to decree that *every* religion, creed, and cult gets exactly
everything it wants and desires. First off, the Christian True Believers
will get caught up for all eternity in the Rapture and be taken to a heaven
full of harps and white puffy clouds all presided over by a curiously
northern-european looking Jesus (though the smart money is betting that
after less than even a century of that eternity they are literally begging
Jesus for at least a *little* vice to break up the mind-numbing monotony of
being "pure" and prasing god - and its likely god will grant the wish just
to get a bit of a break (-:)).

Then, with them gone (hence easing perhaps half of the angst currently
running around earth), we can move onto all the various different folks
afraid of the "one world government" - in whatever form ... be it idiots in
rural America fearing the United Nations, Islamic militants paranoid about
"western" values, the Chinese govt., (paranoid about just about everything
other than Chinese values), the French intellectuals - paranoid about the
immanent takeover of their entire culture by Rambo, and every spy on earth
that is currently deeply immeshed (for the cause of the good guys of course)
in the intrigues created by themselves and other spies. All of these people
will be shipped to Antarctica, and allowed to live in villages populated by
only themselves and their antitheses, and once a month formal rule of each
village will flip-flop. So one month people in UN Uniforms will totally rule
the neo-nazi militias (and take all of their cars and handguns away) and the
next month *they* will successfully overthrow the "new world order" in a
triumphant revolution. Then it'll switch again. Etc., etc. They'll all be
able to dive so deeply into their wondrous battles and delusions (and won't
be able to hurt anyone other than themselves) that they'll be in their own
sort of heaven (and it'll probably, parenthetically, be at least more
interesting than that of the Rapture crowd. At least they'll have a little
sex and violence now and then).

Then, to the Arctic will be shipped every politician and bureaucrat of any
ilk or organization on earth. And they'll each get to take turns calling
meetings, debating highly significant issues of their own choosing. Every
month alternating between oppressing, being oppressed, fighting for the
oppressed, or excusing the oppressors. Most important, however, will be the
fact that every single person will have their own fax machine, their own
cell phone, and every day be handed many forms that it will be desperately
important for them to sign.

Then (to honor that 18th century philosopher that held that life will be
much better when "the last King is hung by the entrails of the last Pope")
we'll move onto the publically enlightened ... I'm not talking here about
people who have - by dint of a lot of damn effort (and motivated neither by
the quest for power or coin) - managed to claw their way to a slighter wider
perceptual/conceptual realm, but rather about the people who publically
claim, or imply,  wisdom well beyond the norm, and look down upon the rest
of humanity as a sort of amorphous mass of sheep that needs "guidance" and
"enlightenment".  And even better, demand to be acknowledged as wise and
worthy of "honor" and "respect" (and, by the by, expect to be allowed to
live comfortably on the "alms" or "dues" - curious words - paid by  those
very sheep). Hoooraaay! They get their wish. All of them will be locked
permanently in their ashrams/churches/headquarters/huts/palaces (depending
upon the particular flavor of their enlightenment), given a very pleasent
monthly stipend, and (here's the good part) they'll all be given a large
lecture hall full of actual sheep. They can lecture at great length (even
award degrees if they want, but only - because they take their sacred duty
do seriously - to the more advanced sheep of course), delight themselves to
no end in the painful agony of worrying about what to do for the suffering
sheep that simply cannot grasp their high point of enlightenment and only
seem to want to indulge their "base" desires. And they'll never have to
worry about any of the sheep actually achieving parity with them (or hell,
of even understanding a word they say) - so they'll stay comfortable for all
eternity buzzin' on their guru mojo. (And as a unique gift to Radha, a
Special Dispensation will be made that allows them all to formally dissolve
a hall of sheep once every month, and have them all immediately bleat that
they are sorry and beg forgiveness and promise to behave if only they can be
reconstituted as a sheep society for another month).

SO then ... now that we've taken care of this whole lot - what would we have
left? Weirdly enough, the vast bulk of humanity. And almost immediately (I
suspect) a god-awful enromous global party that would last about a quarter
of the way through the next century before Earth had to go on a beer run.
Masters? Hell they'd be comin' out of our ears - we would have made an earth
that a *genuine* master would positively get off on - any HPB
leg-o-lamb-eatin', wine drinkin, Djwahl Kuhl cigar-smokin' son-or-daughter
of Zeus and Thor and Diana master  would say - "well its about damn time ...
*finally* we've got a race full of people who we don't need to hide from ...
no indeed ... that we can *talk* to. Drink with. *Finally* it is worth
incarnating again. Christ (forgive the pun - but I'll bet the masters are
always joking with each other that way - you know, like "Jesus H. Christ in
a green felt hat Jesus, you've just let the damn Baptists get all out of
hand!" or like going up and pretending to rub Buddha's belly for luck, stuff
like that ...) anyway "Christ", they'd say, "how *many* damn times did we
have to bloody waste painful days on earth, saying over and over again, from
pretty much every direction and culture we could, that to get *ANYWHERE*,
individually or collectively, the first damn thing you've gotta do is kick
every secular leader off their throne. Smash every pedestal on earth. UPSET
the reverent, bother the control freaks, trouble the pious."

So now you know the secret. Myself and a few friends of mine are doing this
teensy little act of magic. The mechanics are unimportant, but everytime you
see Radha dissolve a national section (which is not all that infrequently),
or a vapid political party start eating its own young, or the
hyper-controlling being faced with those most paranoid about being
controlled, every time you see swine trampling pearls (and that parable has
really cool wisdom in it - unfortunately its exactly the opposite wisdom of
what its commonly taken for in Christian churches ... the pigs *rightly*
trampled little pieces of oyster plaque whose only value is the completely
arbitrary one assigned by a completely artificial culture ... much like the
words of preachers ... ) ... ANYway ... when you see these things and more -
smile to yourself and secretly think "the plan is moving right on schedule".
But don't tell anyone. For now. Soon, we see each other at the Party.

Run with scissors, -JRC

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