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Dzog chen,HPB,help

Oct 11, 1999 03:57 PM
by Hazarapet

Dear Dzog chen/HPB Friends,

I will post more when I get time (within week) but I
thought some "expert" help might be needed for
this discussion.  I can only share a layman's
experiences and information and surmises.

I suggest you invite to this discussion the following
people who have interest in Theosophy
or are theosophists and are academically trained
experts in fields relevant to our discussion.  I
personally would like their input too for many
questions I have.

The first is Professor Santucci at California State
University-Fullerton.  The second is Professor
James Robinson, Tibetan Buddhism expert also
interested in Theosophy, at University of Northern
Iowa.  The third is Professor Thomas Gaskill, Central Asian
medievalist expert and Central Asian Buddhism expert, at
Southern Illinois University.  The fourth, a theosophist,
is Professor Mether, Philosophy, Dzog chen, Zoroastrian
expert, at Vanderbilt University.

I don't know all email addresses but found three:

I have heard these four and was quite impressed.
I am sorry that I could not find email address of
Professor Gaskill.

Grigor Ananikian

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