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Re: Theos-World TS organizations today

Oct 11, 1999 01:44 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> Well said, Frank.
> In just a couple of years, Internet has already broken through in three
> fundamental ways. First it has internationalize those whose interest lies
> in Theosophy. Second it has broken the walls that has always kept TS
> organization from each other. Third it has made organizations less
> necessary for anyone interested in Theosophy.
> mkr

Doss, I can agree as nearly always with what you write. Organizations are
indeed necessary (even K who was against all organizations have had an
organization...), but surely NOT than TS organizations we have today, they
have next to nothing to do with the Original Programme of the Masters, which
launched the TS in 1875.
If the internet is not able to change the TS organizations radically in the
next time (and I feel time is running out - or can anyone see the messenger
of 1975 among us?) - it would be better for Theosophy and for Theosophists
if the Theos. Societies of today would CLOSE - it is for me the same thought
which the Dalai Lama had in mind when he suggested to destroy all Religions
as they brought humankind more evil than good.
The organized theosophical bodies should go back to their roots - to HPB and
her teachers, in theory and in practice.
What a luck we have the internet. I have learned here more in weeks about
Theosophy and HPB than in years before, esp. the boring magazines of today.

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