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Re: Theosophical Flames Alive & Well

Oct 11, 1999 01:27 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

You don't need to care for my karma, think of your own - that's enough.
BTW, where was that compassion, forgiveness and understanding when
Conger and your friend Long canceled the memberships of the personal
pupils of Katherine Tingley and G. de Purucker?
As your are a fan of psychology of the book science it is not much
surprising that people like you always pray of compassion with the doers and
not with the victims.
Conger kicked the old Point Loma students out because they knew too much for
his plans to dissolute the TS and change the theos. doctrines (which
the Original Programme from HPB onwards) into his black make-believe. Conger
did much more to destroy the TM than Coloumb, Collins and Coues together.
That says much for the interested student. After Conger's split when the
Pasadena "TS" was invented all their further leaders (Long, Knoche) followed
this dissolution aims, i.e. all the books they sells are only versions of
the originals, not to say they were faked. That is not only against mundane
rules, but the more
against esoteric rules as taught by the messengers of the Masters.
And if Conger was a messenger, then certainly not from the same teachers
like Blavatsky, Judge, Tingley or Purucker, because a teacher is known by
his fruits, as the bible says.
And where is your forgiveness and compassion with the slanders and attacks
Alan Donant made against GdeP's closest co-workers and friends?
Why do you not protest openly against Donant if your call for compassion is
not merely hypocrisy? Or are there two kinds of moral (a word you hate)?
The devil attacks the innocent and shouts: Have compassion with me...

Of course you are free to believe what you want - as I too. But don't make
the newbies on the list make-believe that the evil doings which happened in
the history
(and until today) in the TM can be called white magic. Against that kind of
twisting history I will always protest - even at the risk you give me names
for my defending of the victims. That's all.


> Frank, you have a real problem with history. Hope your karma
> brings you around some day.  Wow. Such compassion, forgiveness,
> and understanding here... sad sad sad  (its was exactly this kind
> of hateful attitude that Conger faught against)
> Jerry S.

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