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Re: More on Space

Oct 11, 1999 02:18 AM
by hesse600

> >>Jerry:
> >> I suspect that beyond our curved space, lies the curved
> >> space of countless other universes.
> >>
> >>Katinka:
> >>And what connects these would be space in my idea.
> I seem to keep losing you.
Yes, we do seem to talk at different *wavelengths* or
something, to put it new-agey.
> What I have been trying to say
> is that space goes with time and form as a tri-group that
> depends on each other for existence. We can sort of
> image space all by itself as an infinite empty nothingness,
> but this is only our imagination.
Yes, you certainly do (lose me I mean) what on earthe is a
And how are we going to think anything about infinity, if
not by using our imaginations?

> Its rather like imaging a self or subject without any
> not-self or object. Subjective consciousness has to
> have an objective external "world" or else it loses
> meaning.
Loses meaning for you and physics, clearly not for me.

> Beauty only means something to us when we compare
> it to ugliness, and so on for all polar opposits.

> The only connection between universes is consciousness,
> not space.
Depends on your definition of space or consciousness, I
suppose. I would think that there is a lot of
unconsciousness in the *space* between universes.


NHL Leeuwarden

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