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More on Space

Oct 09, 1999 03:27 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>> I suspect that beyond our curved space, lies the curved
>> space of countless other universes.
>>And what connects these would be space in my idea.

I seem to keep losing you. What I have been trying to say
is that space goes with time and form as a tri-group that
depends on each other for existence. We can sort of
image space all by itself as an infinite empty nothingness,
but this is only our imagination.

Its rather like imaging a self or subject without any
not-self or object. Subjective consciousness has to
have an objective external "world" or else it loses

Beauty only means something to us when we compare
it to ugliness, and so on for all polar opposits.

The only connection between universes is consciousness,
not space.

Jerry S.

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