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Re: theos-l digest: October 08, 1999

Oct 10, 1999 09:24 PM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 10/9/1999 12:22:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< serious
 students who are interested in theosophy and not in theosophical
 politics. >>


<<I'm curious.  Did your grandmother ever mention her awareness that other
Theosophists treated or thought of her, or the ES in general, as yucky?
What was her take on the obvious divisions between branches of Theosophy???

My grandmother never mentioned any such awareness, and my general impression
on attending various T.S. meetings, and speaking with other members, was that
she was much loved.  I don't have any reason to doubt that because I never
noticed anything "yucky" about her myself.  I suppose that, as Alan said, if
I recall correctly, some of the problems with E.S. (and T.S.) may have been
less so in her "day."  At any rate, she may not have wanted to "air the dirty
laundry," so to speak, to scandalize my naivete.  But I think the bottom line
was that she was truly more interested in theosophy than in politics.  I am
cut from that same cloth, so I suppose we related on that level, and I am
rather remote from the central organization as a member-at-large, so I guess
I enjoy that luxury of not being involved in the "inside" group dynamics.
All of our discussions were along theosophical and philosophical lines, and
we barely touched on the structure or personalities involved, for better or
worse.  In fact, the tensions and animosities rather surprised me, but
learning about them was probably a good thing as it brought me "down to
earth" and made me realize that, as with all organizations, there is much
more going on under the surface than is immediately obvious.  Unlike those on
this list who seem to have their minds made up, and I'm sure for good reasons
based on personal experiences, I haven't had those experiences and so I don't
have my mind made up - I'm just trying to listen to all sides and learn
whatever there is for me to learn.

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