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Re: Theos-World TS organizations today

Oct 10, 1999 04:44 PM

At 04:37 PM 10/09/1999 +0200, Frank Reitemeyer wrote:
>I am sure in one or two decades the Theosophical Movement is quite different
>to look than it was before the Internet time. The Internet is the upadhi for
>all Theosophists world wide and outdated Adyar and Pasadena may die. No one

Well said, Frank.

In just a couple of years, Internet has already broken through in three
fundamental ways. First it has internationalize those whose interest lies
in Theosophy. Second it has broken the walls that has always kept TS
organization from each other. Third it has made organizations less
necessary for anyone interested in Theosophy.

In Internationalizing theosophy and almost all other activities on
Internet, all artificial national, ethnic, religious, regional has been
relegated to the background. Unless one is willing to disclosed one's
background, no one will know anything about you except for your views
expressed on mail lists or news groups. That makes communication between
human beings on an even plane thus reduces distortions that take place in
communication due to biases and preconceived stereotyping.

For the last 100 years, while several organizations have been trying to
spread Theosophy in their own way and as they see it, organizations rarely
had interacted with each other even though all of them are working towards
the same goal. See what is happening today. While the organizational
leadership continue on the same track as in the past, the ordinary
members/nonmembers talk to each other because of Internet. While I may
belong to an organization or none, if I am visiting another city and is
able to visit with another organization or a member of that organization I
have met on these groups, I am sure I would be welcomed and both would be
free to one on one communicate with each other as two human beings
interested in theosophy.

In order that we discuss on theosophical matters or even personally meet
when it is physically possible, it can be done with Internet. Organizations
become less and less a necessity for a serious student of theosophy who is
in search of Truth and not positions and titles which look impressive to a
man/woman of the world.

Theosophy has been there from time immemorial. Organizations, being
creations of human beings have to come and go, and the natural progression
of growth will find new organizations when the old one's have served their
purpose and are no longer useful to the world. One indication of latter
declining stage of life of all entities is the lack of vigorous life energy
and lack of adaptation to present ideas in a creative manner suited to the
changing world conditions.

Looking back, historically when great changes to the humanity has taken
place, it has always been by young and middle age leadership who should
great creativity and energy.

Lord Buddha was enlightened when he was in the prime of life. Shri
Shankaracharya, the greatest reformer of Hinduism, who also was responsible
for setting up a religious infra structure which prevented India becoming
an Anglican nation after British Colonized India, was just 16 when he
started on his mission and died when he was 32. Lord Jesus was in his early
30s when he started delivering his message to the world. Jiddu Krishnamurti
was just 32 when he made his famous "Truth is a Pathless Land" and
disbanded all organizations of which he was the head or was set up for the
Coming of the World Teacher. Both Olcott and HPB were in their prime of
life when they took on the job of launching TS. Judge was in his early 20s.
The Keightly brothers who helped HPB in SD were young men in their mid 20s.

So age may help one become worldly wise (and learn are the tricks one plays
to get on in worldly matters), past track record does show that all
pioneers are young and did their work full time and not part-time. So
looking around the organizations, all one see is older generation sitting
tight on leadership positions and have created legal and other impediments
for any younger person to take up the leadership and blaze a trail in
furtherance of the welfare of the world. So nature has no other choice but
to bypass the current organizations and let them pass into obscurity slowly
but surely.

It would be interesting to revisit the state of affairs say 10 years from now.


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