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TS organizations today

Oct 08, 1999 05:00 PM

In 1875 when TS was launched, world conditions were very different.
Primarily transportation and communication was difficult at best. While TS
was launched as an organization for the encompassing the whole world -
Universal Brotherhood, it had to be organized within in geographical
boundaries due to political and linguistic reasons including the need to
have people meet and interact in various cities within each country. So
this in turn lead to amassing of real estate wealth due to donors who
thought their generosity will further the progress of Theosophy. This in
turn degenerated into local politicking that always follows money and the
desire to control the congregation by one technique or the other. This has
ultimately led to the organizations end up being lead by greying
leadership. Considering the fact that all major advancements in the world
has been led by young men and women and not by greying leadership. All one
needs is to refresh one readings in history. So we seem to be at a stage
where the organizations as they are now have no where else to go but South.

In today's world, the current transportation and communication technology
coupled with the entire world getting used to use English as a general
medium of communication one can think in terms of the entire world not in
terms of a particular country or nation with its geographical and political
boundaries. So there appears to be no reason for any theosophical purpose
for organizations organized on geographical or political boundaries; and as
a matter of fact such artificial organizations are fast giving way to
transnational worldwide approach. All this is furthered primarily due to
what Internet is able to do. One is now able to "organize" internationally
and be active round the clock round the year. We can all communicate on
equal footing with no national or political boundaries and this is taking
place everyday on this forum and others.

With the above scenario, we can see in a couple of years, all the
traditionally organized theosophical organizations by passed by serious
students who are interested in theosophy and not in theosophical politics,
even though some may feel being immersed in theosophical politics they are
furthering the interests of theosophy.

Any thoughts?


PS: the above reasoning may suggest one of the possible reasons why the
elected officials at national and international levels (and their
followers) have kept away from maillists such as these whether on their own
or due to being influenced by the leadership above it.

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