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More on Time

Oct 07, 1999 06:39 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>Regardless, time
cannot be itself motion, despite physic's convention,
for if all motion stopped there would still be the duration
of all things stopped.>>

According to physics, velocity = mass x time which says
that time, mass, and motion are all related together. My
thesis is that when mass = 0, then motion = 0, and so time
is meaningless (except perhaps to an outside observer).
Also, velocity is motion through space,
and so this simple equation of physics relates time, space,
and mass (alias form) together.  It is a mathematical way
of saying that all mass must move through time and space.
Without some kind of movement, there can be no mass.
Physics applys this equation to the physical plane, but
there is no real reason why it shouldn't hold on all planes.

My thesis also suspects that motion can never be zero
for anything in manifestation (i.e, for any aggragate within
our 7-plane solar system described by Blavatsky). Aging,
for example, is a type of motion all by itself (motion through
time is aging, while motion through space is velocity). In
short -- everything in existence has motion through either
time or space or both. Everything changes...

Jerry S.

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