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Re Space

Oct 05, 1999 03:32 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>>However much relativity claims that space is a finite
thing, I still have trouble believing and understanding it. >>

Basically, everything material is limited.

>>It reminds me of the very simple explanation why there is
not a number which is the greatest. say that 100000 is the
highest number, one can always add one to it. >>

Yes, numbers are infinite, but numbers are not material

>>Even with space being curved (which seems to be how it is
explained) I do not see how beyond the curve there isn't
space, even if it is 'empty' space. >>

I suspect that beyond our curved space, lies the curved
space of countless other universes.

>>Also: the astral seems to me to be linked to the physical.
One does not exist without the other.>>

Why do you think that?  The physcial plane is said to
be an expression or manifestation of the astral, and
so yes, you can have astral things without any physical
counterpart. But you can't have anything physical
without its astral counterpart.

>> Spirit without matter
is an abstraction, according to theosophy (as in HPB and
the Mahatma's). So if physical space is finite, how can
spiritual space be infinite?>>

Because physical space is a manifestation of
spiritual space.

>>But I think the solution is that physical matter is finite.


>>Our science knows a lot about matter. There is a certain
mass of matter, that's clear, and also a logical necessity. >>

Matter and energy are two aspects of the same thing.

>>The space it is embedded in gets curved by the matter, but
need not, in my opinion, be finite as well.

We don't really know if "empty" space goes on forever.
But we do know that the concept of empty space is
meaningless and that space, per se, is not empty at all.

Jerry S.

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