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TS-work ... (again)

Oct 05, 1999 00:35 AM
by hesse600

Hi all,

 The discussion on this list about how the TS should
function has died down a bit, but there is an interesting
quote of Subba Row, about this subject, I would like to
share with you all. Subba Row who presented in some ways
the purely Brahmanan (and therefore secretive) atitude of
some initiates, in fact knew very well the neccessity of
diverse thoughts cross-fertilising each other:

from 'Esotheric Writings', Subba Row, p. 452

> Looking around the universe nothing  so strongly
impressed me, as the system of division of labour which
pervades it. Practical results never spring from solitary
causes; they are ever the resultants of the more or less
divergent effects of an inextricable plexus of diverse
causes; It is from contrasts, that all the joys and
beauties of the world arise; it is from the equalibrium of
antagonistic forces that the Universe subsists. All
progress springs from difference; all evolution is the
result of differentiation; as in the great, so in the
spiritual; as in the visible so in the unseen universe.>

> How, then can men fail to see that  differences of
opinion on matters spiritual are parts of the necessary
mechanism of the spiritual organism that everywhere
underlies (as the bones underlie the flesh and skin) the
physical or visible world? How can they find fault with
others for holding views different from their own? How fail
to realise that those others are as truly working in
harmony with the pervading design or law of the ALL as
themselves? Night is as needful to our mundane economy as
day; shall the night revile the day, for its glare, its
noise, its heat, or the day reproach the night for its
dusky stillness? >

NHL Leeuwarden

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