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Re: Last go-round on Tantra

Oct 04, 1999 02:48 AM
by hesse600

Daniel wrote:
> I believe it is his contention that the Gelugpa tradition is NOT necessarily
> the esoteric view of HPB's Masters.  In fact, there is a orthodoxy in
> the Gelugpa religion just as one finds an orthodoxy in all other religions
> of the
> world.  And that over the centuries since Tsongkhapa's death a literalism
> has
> become predominant in the Gelugpa tradition.  For example, the Gelugpa lamas
> believe in reincarnation of humans into animal forms.  They literally
> believe this.
I can second that. We have in Holland a Tibetan
Buddhist-tempel, with corresponding monestary. With our
lodge we went there and had a great time (also met by pure
accident some TS-members from ROtterdam). That is not the
point of course. THe point is that the people there
absolutely believed that bad people do reincarnate into
animals, and that it happens often.

NHL Leeuwarden

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