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Oct 03, 1999 08:30 AM

I have always wondered about the decision to launch TS in 1875 and many of
the comments here and there as well as the enormous amount of time the many
Adepts personally spent in the early days, including the numerous letters
that were written.

Take for example the comment that it took 200 years before a suitable
western body was found in the person of HPB. So the effort seems to have
been started two centuries before 1875. So something very critical in the
progress and welfare of the masses (not the elite and previleged) was

Again in ML 65, there is the statement:

"Could but your L.L. (London Lodge) understand, or so much as suspect, that
the present crisis (Columb Affair) that is shaking the TS to its
foundations is a question of perdition or salvation to thousands; a
question of the progress of human race or its retrogression, of its glory
or dishonour, and for the majority of this race -- of being or not being,
of annihilation, in fact -- perchance many of you being guided by false
appearances and scientific decisions, you would set to work and save the
situation by disclosing the dishonourable doings of your missionary world."

A very very strong statement and a very serious one coming from the Founder.


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