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Re: theos-l digest: September 27, 1999

Oct 04, 1999 02:37 AM
by hesse600

Katinka wrote:
> << Yes, but the problem with money is, that it can so easily
>  become the motive, and then, where is my spirituality?
>  Out the window.. >>
Christine wrote:
> I've had the "freedom" of
> freelancing, which boiled down to being desperate and on-call round the clock
> - and I've had a steady paycheck and been able to leave my job and come home
> to pursuits of my own choice, and at the moment I prefer the latter, as it
> affords me both some measure of at least apparent financial security and some
> "free time" that's more free than if I were waiting by the phone, hoping the
> next customer might call, or hawking my wares.  Eventually I'd love to
> freelance, and volunteer, but only if I could work it out so that I had
> enough financial security that I didn't have to worry about money constantly.
Good point, though my tutoring is in fact freelancing.
NHL Leeuwarden

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