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Re: In support of theosophy

Oct 04, 1999 02:34 AM
by hesse600

Bart wrote:
> hesse600 wrote:
> > aye, sex in marriage or a stable relationship is allowed
> > and homosexual relationships are allowed or not, depending
> > on which national section you are in!
> 	Stable homosexual relationships are not allowed. Some national sections
> look the other way.
Holland certainly does, or it has other rules.

> 	There was an episode of the American situation comedy, THE ODD COUPLE,
> where the principles were on a cruise ship. The annoying partner
> complained about the lack of activities, and the purser made him in
> charge of finding new activities, and gave him a whistle. The grungy
> partner asked the purser if he was crazy, and the purser said, "I find
> that the best way to deal with a potential troublemaker is to give him a
> whistle. By the way, do you want a whistle?"

> 	I think the Mahatmas knew what they were doing when they created the
> E.S.
Are you saying the Mahatma's created the ES as a wistle for
the people complaining?
Anyhow, the rules about homosexuals etc. were not made in
HPB's time, so why presume the Mahatma's had anything to do
with it?
NHL Leeuwarden

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