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Re: is it theosophical if you get paid money?

Sep 27, 1999 05:45 PM
by Alan

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> From: hesse600 <>
> Date: Monday, September 27, 1999 9:46 AM
> Subject: is it theosophical if you get paid money?

> Hi all, about money again...
> Katinka:

> Yes, but the problem with money is, that it can so easily
> become the motive, and then, where is my spirituality?
> Out the window... Not being sure of my motive, I don't know
> for sure whether my turoring falls under theosophy...

In over 40 years I have never and still will not make any charge for
teaching occult matters.  It is better that students spend their money
on buying books for study, etc.
> Katinka
> (Yes Alan, it seems Ti-l has moved to Theos-L...)

If the spirit of TI-L lives on, then this is what matters, not where it
is or what it is called!

> Hi Kym and Christine...

I agree.

Hi Kym and Christine.

(Get out of jail free cards available at $50 each, signed by hand)


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