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is it theosophical if you get paid money?

Sep 27, 1999 01:46 AM
by hesse600

Hi all, about money again...
 > > 2. What was the most interesting service you rendered?

 > I tutor (math and chemistry), but since they pay me for it,
 > I am not sure it is *theosophical* work.

Eldon wrote:
I'd say that it's "theosophical" or not based upon *how*
you do it, on how you experience it, on what you make happen
under the circumstances.

If you care about the people you're tutoring, and you care
about what you're doing, and you bring a clear mind, open
heart, and attentive spirit to the tutoring work, the fact
that you make money for it is irrelevant.

Yes, but the problem with money is, that it can so easily
become the motive, and then, where is my spirituality?
Out the window... Not being sure of my motive, I don't know
for sure whether my turoring falls under theosophy...


(Yes Alan, it seems Ti-l has moved to Theos-L...)
Hi Kym and Christine...

NHL Leeuwarden

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