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Re: In Laws

Sep 26, 1999 08:52 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 99-09-26 10:26:08 EDT, you write:

 I never tried to roast mine, but I did manage to
 get rid of them. I simply outlived them both.
 Betty's mother died years ago and her father
 past on last Jan at the age of 87. Now we
 are both orphans (of course we are also newbie
 senior citizens which is horrifying until you
 consider the alternative).

 Jerry S

Well, as I said at my birthday party a month ago, if I had known that turning
50 would be so much fun I would have done it 20 years ago.

So now that I'm on what is for most folks the downhill side of aging, I'm
almost beginning to look forward to being an old fart.

Of course that could come from hanging around theosophists, who, for all of
their faults, never seem to let advancing calendars slow them down.

Chuck the Heretic

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