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Re: theos-l digest: September 22, 1999

Sep 24, 1999 04:35 PM

I do not know anyone in Idaho. There is one Richard Brooks in MI who is a
retired professor who would be ideal. I had the chance to hear his
presentation of theosophy/Theosophy and was delighted in his broad approach
which was one of the best I have heard in decades. He is also a retired
professor of philosophy or some related subject. May be we can induce him
to visit Idaho.


At 10:11 AM 09/24/1999 -0600, wrote:
>Hey, does anyone know anyone is Idaho (a tiny state in America with a big
mouth) who is well versed enough in Theosophy who could, and may be willing
to, address a university class on the subject?  The class is about "The End
of the World" - concentrating on Revelations and the Book of Daniel.  All
of the other speakers we have had are linear Christians who take the
concept of the "Rapture" as literal fact; and no one in the class is
familiar with any kind of Eastern thought on the subject of "the end of the
world."  For most of these students, "heaven," and "hell" and are the only
"places" one goes after death or after the "Jesus descends on a cloud"

The professor found out that I was familiar with theosophy/Theosophy and
wants me to bring in a speaker or speak myself.  I am not enough of an
enlighted being yet who will be able to resist "Kym's philosopy of
theosophy/Theosophy," so I'm trying to locate someone else to 'spread the

On the other hand, I don't want to present a "fundamental" Thesophist to
the class - I mean, I want to look good, you know?

Anyway, any advice or guidance?

I'll try not to take silence regarding my post as personal. . ..


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