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Re: theos-l digest: September 22, 1999

Sep 24, 1999 09:38 AM
by kymsmith

Grigor wrote:

>Marriage is good for that.  As it is said in Caucasus, a man is not a
>man worth his salt if he hasn't been salted, assaulted, and insulted in holy

This is an odd analogy the "Caucasus" makes - throughout history and into
present day, men have found marriage to be a very easy way to deal with
life; hardly a test to their character.  Current and past statistics
continually show that married women have the highest rate of suicide and
depression; whereas, married men attempt suicide and depression the least
(single men are the unhappiest group of all).

It would seem that most married men don't experience being "salted,
assaulted, and insulted" in marriage.

Then again, one could turn it around and say that the high suicide of
married women simply means they failed the "test" of character.

In my opinion, there is tad bit of sexism and/or ignorance in this
particular passage of the "Caucasus."


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