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Re: Internet in India:TS-Adyar <fwd>

Sep 23, 1999 03:47 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:36 AM 09/23/1999 -0500, JRC wrote:
>>At 01:58 PM 09/23/1999 +0200, hesse600 wrote:
>>>Katinka (now) :
>>I certainly would. Are you suggesting Radha Burnier should
>>be left out of Theosophical discussions, because she has
>>the administrative power? That would be very strange
>>indeed, because I know, (I've met the lady several times)
>>that theosophy is why she does it all, so thinking about it
>>and discussing it, should be one of her interests, that she
>>has power, does not make her less human.
>>Well said.
>>Many times there may be other forces in the picture that we may not be
>>aware of.
>Yes ... but, er, the problem has never been with people leaving the leaders
>*out* of discussions, its been getting them to participate in the first
>place. -JRC

Agreed. I have been hammering this point for a long time....


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