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Re: In support of theosophy

Sep 21, 1999 09:21 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 01:52 AM 09/22/1999 +0100, Alan wrote:
What I would like to share with you all follows:

Way back in 1956 - 43 years ago - I began the study Theosophical teachings a
la Adyar Society vie Jinarajadasa's *First Principles of Theosophy* which
although flawed by the CWL/Besant influence (admitted now by the TS in
England) none the less gave a thorough presentation of the basics as
suggested by its title, and I would still recommend it to anyone who can
find a copy and is starting out on the occult way.

I concur with Alan. I have read many of the Besant, Leadbeater, CJ books
and learned about theosophy. But coupled with attending traditional
lectures, the result was not independent thinking. One ends up assuming all
that is written as incontrovertible facts, which is anti-thesis of
independent thinking and investigation and being critical and skeptical
about the facts. To me it took several decades before I got out and started
thinking independently.

Of late, with the award of Certificate in Theosophy, there is reinforcement
of the written material officially approved and supported. Sometimes one
wonders if any one can get a piece of paper certifying ones teaching and
learning Divine Wisdom.


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