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Atom Splitting and Truth

Sep 17, 1999 09:36 PM
by M K Ramadoss

I happened to come across a very interesting passage in the Transactions of
the Blavatsky Lodge being the discussions on the Stanzas of the First
Volume of Secret Doctrine. This contains the replies that HPB gave to
questions posed to her.

In pp. 57, she states "Therefore, water is an element, if we choose to call
it so, *on* *this* *plane* only. In the same way, oxygen and hydrogen in
their turn can be split up into other more subtle elements, all being
differentiations on one element or universal essence."=20

[highlighting is mine]

Looking back 110 years later, how far reaching is the concept of splitting
oxygen or hydrogen is =96 a concept that was discussed as a very elementary

Here was a woman, who was not a scholar or scientist or a PhD, who claimed
that all that she has written is from the knowledge that the Adepts have
and she was just a scribe and many things she does not understand even
though she wrote them. =20

The above is followed by an interesting question and answer.

Q: Then all substances on the physical plane are really so many
correlations or combinations of these root elements, and ultimately of the
one element?

A: Most assuredly. *In occultism it is always best to proceed from
universals to particulars*.

Obviously, the above is the key to understand many concepts that are
presented in the SD. While many may give up study of SD saying that it is
difficult, the difficulty may be somewhat lessened if we keep the above
principle in mind.

There is another question and answer which should make us all think.

Q: Apparently, then, the whole basis of occultism lies in this, that there
is latent within every man a power which can give him true knowledge, a
power of perception of truth, which enables him to deal first hand with
universals if he will be strictly logical and face the facts. Thus we can
proceed from universals to particulars by the innate spiritual forces which
is in every man.

A: Quite so; this power is inherent in all, but paralyzed by our methods of
education, and especially by the Aristotelian and Baconian methods.
Hypothesis now reigns triumphant.

Again I am astounded how simply and directly HPB has explained the
situation. In one of the Mahatma Letters, there is a mention that you need
come into Their world. I suppose it is an allusion to the above. Also,
Krishnamurti was for 60 years was stating that you can get it immediately,
here and now and not step by step in a far distant future life. He was
perhaps talking about getting out of the paralysis HPB states above.

Something to think about.


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