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Re: Internet in India

Sep 06, 1999 03:52 PM
by JRC

> You are right, this does not sound right. The most positive
> way to explain it is that they just do not know how
> democratic the internet of neccessity is. They are not
> tuned into the spirit of the Net. Let Us Pray They Will One
> Day Know Better. ;-)
> MKR:
> I hope so. Let us all pray it is soon before it is too late.
> I have brought some of these to those at the top.
> Still waiting for the "miracle" to happen.

My own belief is that ... the "Hierarchy" (as it is called in the literature
by HPB and the KH and Morya of the Mahatma Letters) does not in any way
shape or form operate like a democracy - in fact doesn't even pretend or
aspire to. It is presented as a strict order in which those at the bottom
voluntarily bow to those above them - in fact it would be considered the
height of arrogance for a Chela to demand access to the Adepts, or to have
any say at all in the governing of the service it organizes ... its a sort
of benevolent dictatorship.

I think the problem, from the beginning of the TS, has been that its
leaderships have attempted to replicate that model of governance - only
problem is that the society of Adepts, and its governing model - only works
when those at the top *are* at the top because of their spiritual
achievements ... because of their mastery of the human chain of evolution,
the immensity and development of their power, their love, or their knowledge
(depending upon the ray). The purity of their motives, the clarity of their
intent, the wisdom with which they serve can be relied upon.
Personality-level motives do not even exist ... or rather, if they do exist
in that small portion of the Adept soul present in an incarnating entity,
they certainly aren't accorded any weight in decision making.

What has destroyed the TS however (and it *IS* dead as an organization ...
despite the continuing empty deliberations and "service" of the current
governing clique, and its ever shrinking circle of followers) is the use of
such a governing model by folks without enough spiritual watts to even fully
see themselves, let alone brighten the path for humanity.

In short, they ACT as though *THEY ARE THE HIERARCHY*. Doss, you wonder why
they make themselves inaccessible? You wait with hope for them to be more
open, for them to understand the opportunities the Internet delivers? They
*NEVER WILL*, because their intention never *has* been to run an open and
democratic society. They don't believe they *have* to. They don't *CARE* if
membership shrinks to almost nothing, there is a trust fund that will let
*THEM* do whatever they want, even if there are but a couple hundred members
left. They don't think they *SHOULD* have to answer the "masses", be it the
membership, or the general society in which they live. They believe they are
*BEYOND* us, and it.

But they came to power not through the depth of their souls but through
either family connections, or by being "selected" by others in power, or
through downright almost illegal, unethical, or at the very least
utterly *NASTY* tactics.

They stay in power, not through the acquiesence of genuine chelas and
initiates, who know enough to understand how lofty a peak they've reached,
but instead through the marginalization of anyone who disagrees with them,
and the total control they exert over both all TS publications and all TS

The terrible fact is that the current TS, inaccessible in an age when you
can email even the governer of most states; miniscule in numbers in an age
where growing numbers of people are clamoring for exactly the sort of
knowledge the TS literature holds; dictatorial in an age where dictators all
over the world are being dethroned ... this current TS is not the result of
horrible failures, but is, in fact the presice image of what - to those in
the leadership - is *SUCCESS*. They have achieved utter isolation, and hence
total control.  And in doing so have finally killed the Society begun by a
woman who didn't give a fig for trust funds, at the behest of Adepts who -
sadly - predicted with terrible accuracy that this would be the likely end.

That grand experiment, begun over a century ago, has demonstrated two
significant things:

1. That there are a few people in the western world that *are* worth
attention, that are capable of grasping enough of the sublimity of their
thought to qualify at least for the title of servent, perhaps even Chela;

2. That as a *whole* western culture is no where close to being ready to
host an *organization* based on those principles, capable of generating a
light that shines beyond its own small concerns.

Mr. "President", "Directors", you who control the "Trust" (what a curiously
metaphorical word!!!) - clear the cobwebs, and look *CLEARLY* at what you
have wrought. -JRC

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