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Re: Leadbeater

Jun 29, 1999 01:10 AM
by hesse600

> Estrella wrote:
> P.S. Still believing that a lot of Leadbeater texts "the chakras" for example,
> are good and have a lot to contribute to Theosophy. even that if somebody is
> not doing something well, that somebody it is still part of the absolute, and
> still has his part to contribute to the great dance, that is The Eternal
> Caravan of Reincarnation (Santana dixit)
> :-) HI ALL!!

You are right. I also believe that Leadbeaters book on 
chakra's and the basic ones on clairvoyance are usefull. 
But he did go to far in some directions and I have not come 
accros any usefull spiritual advice. It seems to be mostly 
about facts, with him. 

NHL Leeuwarden

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