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Re: HPB book

Jun 25, 1999 02:15 AM
by hesse600

> <<  I recommend reading Mr. Johnson`s book. >>
> I got a thick biography by Cranston, which I haven't yet read, but it looks 
> chock-full of interesting stuff.  Anyone read it?  What do you think?  Is it 
> "valid"?
Yes, it seems valid to me. It is one of the 
pro-Blavatsky-biographies. If you have not been 
Leadbeater-contaminated it will not get you into that 
mystifying set of idea's I think. It is easy to read and 
was very interesting to me. Also it tries to speak of both 
the woman HPBlavatsky and the internal Self that went 
beyond the sometimes (seemingly?) agressive personality. If 
you really want a rounded view you probably need to read 
more than just one book. the combination Johnson / Cranston 
works for me. 

NHL Leeuwarden

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