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Re: Mrs Blavatsky lied about journey in Tibet

Jun 13, 1999 10:25 AM
by David Green

>Recently, I read Mr. David Green's post a bit more closely. I was shocked 
>find that on the basis of one book he would actually conclude that HPB,
>despite an enormity of evidence to the contrary, actually never went to

I'm sincerely interested in more details on "the enormity of evidence to the 
contrary."  Turning to chapters on "Tibetan Sojourn" in S Cranston's HPB 
biography p 80-101 & re-reading these pages----I don't find answers to Mr 
Gilbert's level-headed criticisms. Can some theosophist point out this 
"enormity of evidence"?

>to this
>day professors at some of the most esteemed universities on earth look at
>the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled as truly remarkable works -

Have these professors published papers acknowledging Mrs Blavatsky's 2 books 
as "truly remarkable works"?

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