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Re: Mrs Blavatsky lied about journey in Tibet

Jun 13, 1999 08:56 AM
by JRC

> Recently I closely read THE ARMCHAIR TRAVELLER: HPB IN TIBET by Mr
> R.A.Gilbert
> I was shocked to find Mrs Blavatsky lied about trip to Tibet.  Mr
> study proves her unreliability.

Recently, I read Mr. David Green's post a bit more closely. I was shocked to
find that on the basis of one book he would actually conclude that HPB,
despite an enormity of evidence to the contrary, actually never went to

Why should you be "shocked" Mr. Green? You are vehemently, and with blinders
the size of a small state, seeking to find confirmation of one narrow point
of view. Don't be shocked when you find it ... assume that you will. The
Theosophical founders have had a century full of critics and debunkers, many
of them far more eminantly qualified than you. In their minds Theosophy is
little other than a figment of HPB's imagination. Of course there's a huge
number of things left curiously unexplained by their criticisms, and to this
day professors at some of the most esteemed universities on earth look at
the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled as truly remarkable works - but such
small points needn't get in your way. You seem to wish to pretend that you
are on some journey of "discovery" - and apparently think that by saying, at
every step of the way, that you are "shocked" at what you find, that this
will somehow bolster your campaign (implying that we *too* should be
"shocked"). Your "journey of discovery", however, is not the discovery of
the truth, but merely a journey in which you discover others that share your
own small point of view. Guess what - you can go on forever! There are many
more critics that have trashed the TS over the last century that you haven't
even stumbled across yet. If you consider the opinion of everyone that
agrees with you to be "evidence", then running your little website will
become a full time job ... you'll find more than ample evidence to convince
you of your own pre-conceived ideas.

Just as anyone here can find more than ample evidence that you are lying
through your teeth about your background and motives.

> This week a theosophical writer has forwarded to me paper listing 98 lies
> Mrs Blavatsky!!!!!  Who can believe anything this woman writes. I'm hoping
> he'll publish article. I'm more convinced now of Dr Carlson's portrait of
> Mrs Blavatsky.

This week I reflected further on your own twisted story of what you are
doing, noticed it had changed several times, noticed that most of what you
are *doing* does not even remotely jibe with what you *say* you are doing,
and have become more convinced than ever that far from being a graduate
student doing dissertation research for a credible university, you are in
fact some poor pathetic soul who decided to glance at something
superficially, apparently thought you had discovered something, was not
given the open-armed welcome and acknowledgement you desired from Jerry H-J
and a couple of others, had your poor little ego bruised, and since then
have decided to enagage in a serious, mean-spirited and single-minded
campaign to trash Theosophy and Theosophical writers.

The more you speak, the more you expose yourself and your intentions. You
seem to keep mentioning your website as something like a threat ... as
though you are dramatically saying that you'll make all of your evidence
"public". I doubt anyone's too awfully worried. There are hundreds of
thousands of websites like yours on the web. Full of the rants and raves and
"evidence" of countless fanatics building obscure cases for or against some
weird, personal point of view about something. You can find complete
"evidence" that the holocost never happened, that the CIA and Trilateralists
are ruling the world, that Elvis landed in area "51", that marijuana is a
Communist plot, that the Apocoplyse is right on schedule for 1/1/2000, that
newborns are all secretly having microchips implanted in their hands. Most
of them, like yours, will effectively change the minds of all of a dozen
people, who's minds had already been changed anyway. And the number of hits
to your site this *year* may, if you're lucky, equal the number of hits the
actual TS sites get in a week. So you needn't bother perpetually telling us
you're gonna (gasp) "post it on your site" - because at this point, for most
of us, this simply translates into "I'm gonna make even a bigger ass of
myself to the couple of dozen people that might hit my site in the next
week". -JRC

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