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RE: Mrs Blavatsky lied about journey in Tibet

Jun 12, 1999 04:12 PM
by Peter Merriott

David writes:

>Who can believe anything this woman writes.

After 30+ years of studying the works of HPB, and her Teachers I have found
there to be an ever increasing level of realiability in all that she writes,
especially on the 'Secret Doctrine' and the Esoteric Tradition.  Having
taking the trouble to also study and compare Theosophy with those doctrines
often  referred to as the Perenial Philosophy which includes, among others,
the Upanishads, Buddhism and the Mystical Traditions in general etc I have
found there to be a depth and profundity to those teachings given out by HPB
that is hard to surpass.  The essential and core teachings given out by her
will be found throughout the Perenial Philisophy and much light is thrown
thereon by her works.

The open minded seeker will find a number of independent corroborations as
to the existence of her Teachers and their whereabouts at that time.  A few
of these will be found in "Damador" by Sven Eek.  Yet 'events' and eye
witness accounts will always be open to question by others and rarely, if
ever, provide absolute proof of anything.  Each one of us must be the
'assessor' of the truth we seek to uncover.  And it is in our 'hearts' and
through our lives that we need to seek, to ascertain and to 'test' the
fundamental spiritual truths expressed in Theosophy and where ever else the
Wisdom Religion may lie scattered like hidden pearls amongst the various
spiritual traditions

What one invariably discovers in exploring the life of HPB is that she gave
*all* that she had to bring and explain these fundamental Teachings to the
world at large.  Whatever defects her physical body and personality may have
suffered, and she appears to have willingly suffered a great deal in the
carrying out of her task,  behind that 'personage' stands a  great and noble
Soul that had the welfare of humanity at heart and worked unceasingly on its
behalf.  Such wisdom, greatness and generosity of spirit that were HPB's are
an example for us all to aspire towards if we so choose.


"When a pickpocket meets a Saint he sees only his pockets."  (Eastern

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