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ULT's Dzyan Esoteric School

Jun 12, 1999 08:22 AM
by David Green

Several ULT associates doubt existence of Dzyan Esoteric School.  I recently 
answered their inquiries----

In regards to your request I can't divulge names of the 8 members of DES who 
confided this information to me.

I've inquired of the theosophist Mr Jerry Hejka-Edkins (Turlock, Calif) 
concerning DES material in Alexandria West archives.  He answered his 
library holds DES instuctions from Mr Victor Endersby's papers.  He 
confirmed what I already knew---DES is not defunct but still active.  
Contact Mr Hejka-Edkins for confirmation of existence of DES & copies of 
their esoteric material. Selections will soon be published on WWW ---


David Green

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