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My affiliations, university, etc.

Jun 11, 1999 06:08 PM
by David Green

Mister JRC-----

>When I've closely examined and asked questions about Mr. Green, his
>background, affiliations, and motives, he has always declined to identify
>exactly what started his pursuit of the ULT, and upon even pointing this
>out, he has accused me of being "untheosophical".
>Just want to remind everyone that we *still* don't know if he is, or was a
>member of a TS organization, what university he is doing his "dissertation"
>for, or why he continues to post messages like this current one (which
>clearly are not required for a university dissertation.)

9 to 12 months ago---I was quite willing to relate my background, 
affiliations, motives, what university I attend, &c, &c.

But---in last 6 months I've received several harassing phone calls at home & 
one of my professors received call at his office complaining about me.  
Probably calls were related to my investigation of Judge & Crosbie.  At 
suggestion of 2 professors I no longer give out particulars about myself 
especially on internet or through email.  I've had my phone number changed & 
unlisted to prevent reoccurrence of this.  I'm beginning to understand 
darker aspect of some cults.

It's not necessary to know my theosophical affiliations, background, &c. to 
appreciate what I've written about Crosbie, ULT, etc.  Reader can assess 
accuracy of my material without knowing anything about me.
I really regret I mentioned I was going to write dissertation on Judge & 
related subjects.  This has served as an excuse for Mr JRC & others to focus 
on what is totally off the subject.

But-----I plan to complete my dissertation.  And my website on Theosophy is 
another forum for posting related material----& more material will be 
published on that site.  Funny ----Mr JRC---it was one of my professors who 
initially suggested the website.

I'm certainly interested in theosophical ideas & philosophy.  This was my 
motivation for first studying Theosophy.  But in last year I've worked on 
historical aspect of Theosophy.  I became interested in W Judge & wanted to 
know about controversy surrounding him.  I was quite intrigued by Mr Jerry 
Hejka-Ekins' negative responses to my serious questions & inquiries 
concerning controversy surrounding Judge.  When I gave copies of JHE's 
responses to Mr John Cooper, he was puzzled by Mr Hejka-Ekins' responses.  
As a result Mr Cooper shared with me whole cache of ULT material.  My 
initial interest in ULT was sparked by reading their 1925 history.  One 
thing led to another.  In last 6 months I've been also intrigued by ULT's 
attacks on non-ULT theosophical leaders ---- & reactions of ULTites to my 
examination of their leader---R Crosbie.  At this point with both strong 
negative as well as postive reactions to my preliminary studies of ULT, I 
may rethink my dissertation & devote the whole of it to Crosbie & hidden 
side of ULT.

In future, I'll only respond on these internet forums to responses on the 
Judge controversy & hidden side of ULT.  I don't have time for repartee on 
off-the-subject topics.


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