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ULT writers accuse Mrs Tingley of forgery & deception

Jun 11, 1999 07:36 AM
by David Green

John Garrigues & other U.L.T. writers have charged that "the much-proclaimed 
and never-produced 'private papers of Mr. Judge' bear a rather remarkable 
likeness to 'private notes' of Mrs. Tingley. . . [rather than] any documents 
in the handwriting of William Q. Judge."
The evidence presented by Dr. H.N. Stokes has refuted this U.L.T. charge & 
insinuation.  Refer to 
for details.

Unfortunately, United Lodge of Theosophists continues to sell book *The 
Theosophical Movement 1875-1950* which casts foul aspersions on character of 
Mrs. Katherine Tingley.  Mr Dallas TenBroeck, ULT devotee, also continues to 
recommend on Internet this volume which defames Mrs. Tingley as well as 
other theosophists.

Yet when I've closely examined & asked questions about ULT founder's claims, 
numerous ULT associates accuse me of defamation of Mr Crosbie's character.

I've never accused Mr Crosbie of forgery.  He may have been a quite sincere 
person & theosophist.

The distinct message these ULT associates give is that while it is perfectly 
acceptable for ULT organisation (through its theosophical history book) to 
defame Mrs. Tingley & other well-known theosophists, no one should 
investigate or question the claims of Mr Crosbie.

I believe if Mrs Blavatsky was here today, she would be first to call this 
behavior by ULT & some of its associates as unfair & untheosophical.  When 
I've brought above to attention of ULT associates corresponding with me, 
they've sidestepped issue.  To me this is behavior of cultists, not seekers 
of truth.  Though relatively new student to theosophy, I find this behavior 
revolting & stain on theosophical ideals enunciated by Mrs Blavatsky & Mr 

David Green

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