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Re: David Green's Critical History Page on Theosophy

Jun 10, 1999 05:37 AM
by hesse600

David Green 
<> wrote:

> I'm interested in all sides of story concerning Robert 
Crosbie.  OBTW, it's 
> ULT & its associates who've worked quite hard to keep the complete, real 
> story of Crosbie's life---well hidden.
> Highly questionable characters?  In many respects Mrs Blavatsky *appears* as 
> highly questionable character. Read Godwin's Theosophical Enlightenment, 
> Johnson's books, Carlson's No Religion Higher than Truth, Deveney's Paschal 
> Randolph etc etc. Blavatsky comes off as unsavory character.  Maybe she's 
> not.  Would like to know more of other side.
Would you? Well, it is very easy to find out. Just today I 
received through the post (from my personal sponsor in 
theosophical studies) the book "H.P.B., In memory of Helena 
Petrovna Blavatsky" by some of her pupils as the title page 
says. Also, Johnson's books do not read as an all out 
negative on HPB's character. And then I have not even 
mentioned the biographies which are usually read by the 
historically minded within the TS (Adyar) by Silvia 
Cranston for instance. I forget the rest, but positive 
testimonies are easy to come by. HPB was a strong 
character, by all acounts, but could also be very kind and 
even humble, despite her knowledge. 
JRC is right in saying that it is her knowledge most of us 
on this list are interested in.  
>> But it's United Lodge of Theosophists in their histories 
which relentlessly paint Besant, Olcott, Chakravarti, 
Tingley, Hargrove, de Purucker as highly  questionable 
characters.  In all I've written about Mr Crosbie I've 
never  said anything 1/10 as strong as what these ULTites 
have written about these  famous theosophists.  & it 
appears Mr Dallas TenBroeck takes every occasion 
 he can to question Mrs Tingley's character.  What are 
Dallas T.'s motives?   & the ULT's motives for their 
character defamation of theosophists?   Question my motives 
all you want but why this selective treatment?  Next 
 time Mr TenBroeck questions Mrs Tingley's character on 
theos-l, why don't  you pen 10,000 word essay on him, his 
motives, etc etc etc?>>
Dallas's motives are so clear, who needs question him? 

Speaking of Dallas... where are you? We haven't heard from 
you for quite some time.

NHL Leeuwarden

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