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Where is Nirvana?

May 21, 1999 06:18 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>> [Jerry]The Great Perfection (Dzogchen)
>>  would include nirvana as being maya as well.
>Only on basis of Nagajuna's form is emptiness, emptiness is form, nirvana
samsara, samsara is nirvana.  An technically, maya is not Dzog chen term.
Anyway, the idea is that the mind is its own place that can make a heaven of
hell or a hell of heaven (the devil does get a few good lines) and it is the
mind that is samsaric or nirvanic.>

Well, actually, some of the new Tibetan writers are saying that
samsara includes physical, astral, mental  etc, and nirvana
includes spiritual.  HPB and CWL both state (can't recall where
off the top of my head) that "nirvana" is the third plane downward,
and thus the fifth upward--right above the Abyss. Now, is a
cosmic plane a place or location? In a sense it is, but in another
sense it isn't. Otherwise, I agree with you.

Jerry S.

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