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May 20, 1999 08:24 PM
by M K Ramadoss

CNN reports "Forgiveness heals the heart, research hints"

Studies funded by the Templeton Forgiveness Research Campaign are trying to
monitor and measure the physiological effects of forgiveness and its
benefits, taken from the pulpit into the lab. 

Researchers say there is a physiological reason for forgiveness -- health. 

At Hope College in Michigan, researchers measure heart rates, sweat rates
and other responses of subjects asked to remember past slights. 

"Their blood pressure increases, their heart rate increases, and their
muscle tensions are also higher," said professor Charlotte van Oyen
Witvliet. This suggests their stress responses are greater during their
unforgiving than forgiving conditions. 

"In a cooperative system, it is possible that your biggest rival is someone
who you will need tomorrow," said Frans De Waal of Emory University's
Yerkes Primate Center. 

MKR Comments:

In one of the letters to APS, it states in so many words - leave the world
and come into our world. 

It is reported that the Adepts are able to maintain their physical bodies
for several centuries. As one of the things which wears out our bodies is
due to unnecessary stress.

Forgiveness seem to be Their way of life which may be contributing to lack
of stress. While in a world where the "eye-for-an-eye" doctrine rules even
while preaching Brotherhood and all the virtues, practicing forgiveness 24
hours of the day will be seen unworldly, it is what is best for us even
from a physical stand point leaving aside all the "occult" explanation as
to what happens in higher worlds and how law of Karma seem to work.

May be we can look for a golden age in the world of the future where
Brotherhood = cooperation and forgiveness are the ground rules. 


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