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May 13, 1999 04:06 PM
by M K Ramadoss

It is interesting to watch the evening news which detailed how an ex-spy in
Britain has exposed a list of British spies, which according to the news
report, puts the spies in grave danger. The ex-spy was fired from the
British Intelligence and he wrote a book about the spies. This landed him
in prison for violating British law. Finally when came out of prison he
posted the list. Even though the site was shut down within hours, it was
too late. The info was duplicated in what is known as mirror sites, some of
which I think are outside the British control. So the info continues on the
Internet. There was a similar situation with Intel. There was an anti-Intel
site and when Intel tried to shut it down using legal manoeuvres, it was
moved out to Germany within hours and it is very difficult to shut down a
site under German law.

All this brings into focus, real Occult Secrets. It may be recalled how in
HPB's case, one of her principles was kept in Tibet so that even
accidentally forbidden secrets are let out. The Adepts knew the serious
nature of the secrets and the extreme need to keep them from being divulged
even accidentally and hence they had their own technique to handle it.

We frequently discuss about the various "occult" information which are
divulged only within pledged groups. Any recorded or even orally
communicated information is prone to divulgement. All that is needed is one
frustrated individual having access to Internet. So this brings to the
basic issue of keeping secret information secret.

I feel that no real occult information can be communicated by tradition
methods of communication. It seems to me that one has understand them
oneself much like growing into it. 


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