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RE: The Monadic Source and Progress = request for help on anthropogenesis - Martin L.

May 12, 1999 05:27 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

May 12th 1999

Dallas offers:

The search for the nature of our Monad and of its progress
through the evolutionary scheme of this manvantara is a very
interesting study of the doctrines of anthropogenesis as offered
in the SECRET DOCTRINE.  It covers areas that modern Science has
not penetrated, because they are (sadly) still completely tied to
the merely physiological fossils that are uncovered here and
there, and on which they have sought to base their reconstruction
of the antiquity and origin of man.

The SECRET DOCTRINE refers to the studies of the skeleton of Man
compared to that of the Apes conducted by the scientist de
Quatrefages.  He showed that Man was "primitive" in the sense
that man's skeleton had not been specialized.  The skeleton of
the Apes showed that their skeleton had been modified by
development along particular lines (arboreal, or terrene) and if
anything, they had been derived from the more "primitive"
man-skeleton.  (In other words, they descended from man.)

The second thing is that the brain capacity (at maturity) of the
greatest Apes is around 30-34 cubic inches, while that of the
smallest humans  (at maturity) started at about 84 cubic inches
and the average was about 90-94 cubic inches.

[ References in SD to de Quatrefages work:  SD I 487  II 56fn
87fn 651-4 662 681 711 ]
[ References on the Brain:  SD II 168fn 193fn 522-3 646fn 661
676-7 682 686

Why does the SD speak of 7 Egoic or Monadic divisions -- perhaps
because in man as in nature there are seven aspects that can be
developed simultaneously and none is superior to any of the
others.  All have to develop in harmony together or there will be
abnormalities.  Apparently one of the tasks of Karma is to keep
this kind of balance and make sure that all evolution is shared.

This is indeed a voyage of discovery using the INDEX of the SD
one can trace the following

Martins question is based on SD II p. 1 at the bottom

The MONADS , the true Mankind are of seven types, qualities,
natures.  Some description of this is to be found in SD I 571-4.
There the relation of the Monad in us to one of the 7 Dhyani
Buddhas is offered for consideration.

On SD I 108 we note that this relates to the 7 Dhyani Buddhas
which are the PROTOTYPES  of all the differentiations in our
Manvantara.  They are the primordial SEVEN and they work in close
cooperation everywhere.  All MONADS are related to one or the
other of the seven Primaries, but also, they share in the
qualities of the rest and the mystery of the 7 x 7 or 49 "fires"
can be solved.  In man the potentials of each of the 7 are
present, but in each human Monad, one is predominant.  ( see SD I
373-4 )

This, when developed, becomes a "key" to the rest, for all are
"brothers" universally in fact.  One might say that there are 7
techniques which can be used to reach "Perfection" -- which seem
to be enshrined in 7-fold Nature and 7-fold Man -- a teaching
that is a real KEY for us to grasp and apply universally as well
as to our own self-devised evolution -- our particular
"technique" has to be developed.  Each of the "Seven Principles"
has its "highest aspect" and this is the link between "our Monad"
and that of the DHYANI BUDDHA who is our "Parent STAR."

It is therefore hinted that in the progress of attaining
"Perfection," each Monad devises as well as "follows" its own
path.  It has its own permanent link with the Dhyani Buddha of
which "Host" it is indissolubly a part (SD I 570-1).  As its
destiny is to experience all the possible combinations of
evolution (as well as involution), its journey as an "eternal
Pilgrim" takes it through all the 49 (and even 49 x 7) stages of
possibilities.  It has the presence of each of the other 6 Dhyani
Buddhas potential within it, and therefore can make "connections"
universally when it becomes "wise" enough to do this.  These
propositions have to first grasped intellectually and then tested
with the mind, inquiring if they are universally probable.

In the Stanzas of Dzyan that form the basis for the 2nd Vol. of
the SD, the word "race" is used as not only the great periods of
time in which some one particular permutation of knowledge, and
wisdom is developed by mankind as a "host,"  but also, it
indicates which aspect of our Nature (which of the human
Principles is presently and naturally predisposed to take
advantage --for all human beings -- of this particular time in
the great Manvantaric cycle), has the best opportunity of

As an example we are presently, as humanity, in the 4th Round
(corresponding to Kama)  also the 4th Globe (corresponding to
Kama-deva), we are in the 5th Race (the "Aryan" - or "noble race"
corresponding to Manas) and the 5th Sub-race of the 5th Race --
which implies that the potential from altering "Lower Manas
(Kama-Manas) into "Higher Manas" (Buddhi-Manas) is available at
this time if we WILL to do this.

In SD II the 7 "races" of men are said to be born SIMULTANEOUSLY
and scattered by Karma all over the World according to their
natural inherent "dual" natures  (Kama and Manas -- which are
cemented together -- SD II 79-80, 241.  (also SD II 1 to 12, 77,
91-2, 329, 611)

On SD II 241 it is shown how the Monad (SD I 181, 174-5) -- the
7th Principle "ATMA" (bonded to Buddhi) in manifestation  --
belongs to one of the 7 Hosts of the Dhyani Buddhas and it is the
"fire" of one of the 7 aspects of the SUN (representative of the
CENTRAL SPIRITUAL SUN -- That which in manifestation represents
the ABSOLUTENESS -- which cements the Buddhi to Atma and brings
Manas and Kama together on the lower level.

On SD II 189 the 7 Rishis (Dhyani Buddhas) or (Dhyan Chohans) are
mentioned  [ of course ATMA is not individualized but is always
one with the whole ATMIC PRINCIPLE and that is Universal and
impersonal as well as eternal ].  These concepts cannot be viewed
with our limited "lower Manas;"  but only when it becomes
tranquil, in meditative retirement, when we can contemplate the
metaphysical meaning and implication of what the SD is conveying.
Physical "limits" in time space and motion have to give way to
the universal concepts of forces, and powers which cannot be
placed in any "location," yet are inherently part of the
contemplative mind that has quieted the body and the lower
desires so that it may reflect on "universals."  In a way we
could call it the "drop" meditating on the potentials of the

On p. SD II 248 bottom it is shown why the process of embodiment
of the Monad occurs (see also SD II 255fn  94 128 233fn)

I do hope this may be of help.  It is of course only my view and
uses perhaps only a small portion of what is available through
the use of the INDEX of the SD,

In the INDEX, to the SD, I first referred to Race, then Seven,
then Dhyani Buddha, Rishi, Fires, Sun, Monad, Kamadeva, Atma, --
always trying to find how SEVEN was said to be related to these.
Best wishes,


              Dallas TenBroeck


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>Subject: Help on Anthropogenesis
>In the SD, Vol. 2 Preliminary Notes we read:
>" ... the Secret Doctrine postulates three new propositions ....
it teaches:
>a) the simultaneous evolution of seven human groups on seven
different portions
>of our globe...."
>I would like to know how others interpret this propositions.
>Does the word group means races, sub-races???
>The word simultaneous is also a bit confusing.
>Martin Leiderman
>in West Los Angeles
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